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Refined Residential Design-Build: Rain Garden + Shoreline Plantings

Posted By on 14 April 2013 in analysis, design process, native planting, site planning + planting design, stormwater mitigation, technical skills |

Refined Residential Design-Build: Rain Garden + Shoreline Plantings

I thought having my parents as clients would make the process of designing a native rain garden and shoreline habitat simpler and less stressful. I was wrong.

Come to find out, proposing the removal of sacred suburban front lawn in order to make room for a rain garden planted with “messy” looking native plants posed quite a challenge, and required a significant amount of collaboration and design iteration, until the perfect blend of environmentally sensitive AND aesthetically appealing design came to fruition.

I presented my folks with the final designs in the form of a  [REFINED RESIDENTIAL DESIGN COFFEE TABLE BOOKLET], and gifted it to them for the holidays this past year. My folks loved the designs so much that we installed the rain garden this Spring (2013)!

Check out snapshots of the design AND  installation process below, illustrating my ability to provide “Refined Residential Design”… 


Site Context and Needs




Front Yard: Stormwater Management through Rain Garden Design







rain garden construction photogs

rain garden construction photogs2

rain garden construction photogs3

rain garden construction photogs4

rain garden construction photogs5

rain garden construction photogs6

rain garden construction photogs7

rain garden construction photogs9

rain garden construction photogs10

rain garden construction photogs11

rain garden construction photogs12

rain garden construction photogs13

rain garden construction photogs14

rain garden construction photogs15

rain garden construction photogs_completed

rain garden construction photogs_completed2

rain garden construction photogs_completed3

rain garden construction photogs_completed4

rain garden construction photogs_completed5

rain garden construction photogs_completed6



Educational Signage

Numerous neighborhood residents stopped while passing by my folks’ house to ask what we were installing, and to comment on how beautiful it was. None of them had ever heard of  ‘stormwater’ or knew what a ‘rain garden’ was; a prime educational opportunity, and a perfect reason to install an interpretive sign that explained how this aesthetically-appealing addition to the front yard was also helping our environment!

Check out the 15″ x 10″ interpretive sign that I designed and installed below!




Backyard: Shoreline Habitat Plantings



RefinedResidentialDesign_spreadpressquality23 RefinedResidentialDesign_spreadpressquality22



Plant ListsRefinedResidentialDesign_spreadpressquality16 RefinedResidentialDesign_spreadpressquality24