i am a lot things.

a patchwork quilt of passions, interests, knowledge and skills.


i am a…

DESIGNER (who works @ Mia Lehrer + Associates in Los Angeles, CA…who holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan… who dreams up designs that explore and encourage truly imaginative possibilities…)

ARTIST (who creates “art” from anything i can get my hands on…)

ECOLOGIST (who holds a Master of Science in Conservation Ecology and Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan… who has 2 years of experience managing ecosystems in the blurred boundary between the “built” and “natural”…)

EDUCATOR  (who is an Instructor @ UCLA…holds a Teaching Certificate from the University of Michigan… who developed a university-affiliated environmental education program for middle/high/college students… who has 4 years of experience teaching undergraduate environmental courses…)

ADVENTURER (who understands the difference between merely functioning as a human being and truly living…)

VISIONARY (who is helping to give the Los Angeles River a voice…who approaches problems as possibilities…who encourages others to do the same…)


so what’s my elevator speech?! who am i + what do i do?

i am an extremely energetic and passionate person who is devoted to MAKING THE WORLD A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE.


read my [[Wo-Man(i)festo]]

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