Effective Educator, Public Speaker + Interpretive Program Designer

Instructor in UCLA’s Landscape Architecture / Horticulture and Gardening Program

L.A. River Tour leader

Developed a university-affiliated environmental educational program that educates elementary through college level students about sustainability in the built environment, using the Gold LEED-rated Dana Building as an exploratory laboratory. Program now reaches over 1,000 students annually.

check out a few examples of the INTERPRETIVE SIGNAGE I worked on:

Kat Superfisky_interpretive signage design2

Kat Superfisky_interpretive signage design5

Kat Superfisky_interpretive signage design3

check out the HANDS-ON SUSTAINABILITY STATIONS I designed and constructed.



TEDxNicholsArboretum presenterWatch me stand on my soap box and speak about “A Beautifully Small Mark: The Importance of Aesthetics in Sustainbabilty”.


+ Prepared and presented over 20 formal lectures and presentations.

Examples include: “SUSTAINABLE DESIGN”“DESIGN, VISION, AND THE AMERICAN LAWN”, “We Are What We Build”,  “EDIBLE LANDSCAPING”, “Food Systems and Planning”, “THE ETHICS OF AGRICULTURE: ORGANIC AND BEYOND”, “Addressing Our Place + Purpose through Landscape Architecture”,   among others.


+ public radio co-host on “It’s Hot In Here” environmental talk show, a weekly special affairs program on WCBN-88.3FM-Ann Arbor that increases environmental literacy among listeners via different environmental topics and hip tunes.


+ Teaching Certificate from the University of Michigan [2012]. Read my Teaching Philosophy.


+ Environmental Education Certifications from Project Learning Tree, Project WET, and Project WILD.


+ 4 years (8 semesters) of experience teaching undergraduate environmental courses at U-M. Courses include: environmental education, ecological issues, the built environment, environmental planning, environmental ethics.


+ 2 years of experience mentoring other Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs).


+ 4 years coordinating an annual “Art + Environment” postcard contest K-12 students in the Ann Arbor area.


+ Experience developing lesson plans, lectures, and entire educational programs  for K-12 and undergraduate audiences.


+ Rackham Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award recipient [2011]–honors 20 Graduate Student Instructors (out of over 1,000) who have demonstrated exceptional ability, creativity, and continuous growth as teachers; who serve as outstanding mentors; and who demonstrate growth as scholars.


+ Program in the Environment Outstanding Graduate Student award recipient [2011].


+ William Stapp Award for Educational Excellence recipient [2010]–recognizes dedication to the field of environmental education.